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Filtering Workshop

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This one-day Workshop on Data Smoothing was the initiative the Executive Committee, International Society of Biomechanics in Sport (ISBS) and planned as a cooperative venture of both the ISBS and the International Society of Biomechanics (ISB).

Each of the three speakers, Herbert Hatze, Giannis Giakas and James Dowling, have made their own original contributions to the literature on the subject in recent years, and were well placed to provide the most authoritative tutoring. The Workshop was intended to provide hands-on experience as well as theoretical knowledge, and the Edith Cowan University was an excellent facility for the occasion.

These Lecture Notes provide a comprehensive coverage of the presented material, and also detail of the computer software used. The software will be made available through various Internet Websites that will be announced through the ISBS and ISB Home Pages.

The Workshop organisers gratefully acknowledge not only the essential contributions of the speakers, but also the valuable assistance of Mr Jeffrey Barnes (Computer Technician) and Mrs Eileen Baker (Admin Assistant), both of Edith Cowan University's Joondalup Campus staff. The generous. support and cooperation of Ariel Dynamics is also acknowledged.

Graeme A. Wood and Barry I Gibson Workshop Organisers.



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